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Friday, August 22, 2008

Buffed, Polished & Refined...and now about that Jag...

Picture it: Lowndes Grove, just before sunrise. General Manager Ashley Gunnin, photographer Nils Schlebusch, his assistant Todd and me, all waiting for one, fabulous arrival. The front gate opens, and we watch as the hunter green Jag-You-Are rolls confidently toward the Main House. The car stops and out steps the enigmatic Mitchell Crosby of JMC Charleston.

Mitchell is simply one of our favorite people, and he was instrumental in helping Forbes put together an upcoming feature on Charleston. This morning's photo shoot was all about capturing Charleston hospitality and events, with Mitchell and Lowndes Grove as the stars.

The whole shoot was big fun. I got to play gaffer. Ashley and I snapped cell phone outtakes. Mitchell sang bits of Missy Elliot songs. You know, the usual.

We are abuzz with anticipation about seeing this one in print. For now, take a peek at these.

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