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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moo shu? WTF?

The funniest response we’ve received to the “mysterious moo shu messages” posted in the windows of Fish was “Alright now, WTF? What’s goin’ down at Fish?”

Even our awesome UPS man, Shaq, barraged staff at The William Aiken House with moo shu questions. They kept the details secret but assured Shaq he would love it. And to answer his question, "Yes, it will be spicy! (If you want, we're all about choice here). By the way, the latest moo shu message is “Moo moo moo shu, you know I love you.” (Points for those who correctly identify the source!)

And, one of our local faves, DJ Moo Moo, who will be crafting some of his signature sounds for Fish, has had friends taking photos in front of the sundry “moo moo moo shu” messages! Nice.

On Friday, some very important and delicious taste-tasting of the aforementioned moo shu will take place. You can be certain a detailed report will follow shortly thereafter.
When last we left The American Theater, the transformation of the back theater and concessions area into a Grand Ballroom was in full-effect. Call it 2,300 square feet of elegant and inviting space that easily accommodates 140 seated, 250 theater or 160 classroom style guests. A 9 x 12 screen with ceiling mounted projector, state-of-the-art AMX A/V system, multiple handheld, lapel and headset microphones and a 340-square-foot stage for presentations/performances make it quite the hotspot for glamorous soirees. Design highlights include two custom-designed, milk glass, Art-Deco chandeliers.

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