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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Byebye, old gal.

Being in the preservation and hospitality business is a constant blend of old and new. Case in point. Today at Lowndes Grove, we said goodbye to a dear, dying tree. Lowndes Grove, by virtue of its name, has an incredible assortment of historic, beautiful trees. Upon purchasing Lowndes Grove a little more than a year ago, Patrick Properties first order of business was to take a long, mindful look at the trees. Many had not received the love and care they so urgently needed. Some flourished in spite of it, and an unfortunate few suffered.

Ashley, our General Manager, sent me the photo above this morning, along with this line: Byebye, old gal! I sat there wondering if that "old gal" could talk, what stories she might share with us. After all, she has quite a long and illustrious history.

But, since we don't yet have the capability to "hear" the trees talking to us, it's a comfort to work alongside folks like Ashley who remind us of the good stuff. And that is the trees, the river, the land and the stories they hold. I can only hope that when it comes time for each of us to move on, we can make as graceful an exit as this one, magnificent tree.

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