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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Naked Fish, Killer Beef & Table to Farm

Okay, so under the penalty of death and dismemberment, I am no longer allowed to share photos of the INTERIOR of the Fish renovation. But that's cool. We all love a little anticipation now and again. However, the exterior is out there for the world to see. Check out our awning-less front above. And, you may notice a change in exterior color over the next few weeks. The color? Oh, you just wait. Or, stroll by, you'll see.

Was chatting with Nico today about his recent trip to Chicago. He was only there for a long weekend but did manage to squeeze in a visit to Avec (Help, I'm getting that jealous feeling again...) He said the food was wonderful, and the vibe unpretensious and fun.

Great write up in the Post & Courier on Cordray's yesterday. P.S. Fish serves Cordray's beef. (Sidenote: Nico was exuberant the day he burst into the PP offices with the news of his purchase of "my cow!") Cordray's takes great care with their cows, and it results in fantastic meat. Their cows get no growth hormones, no antibiotics and are mostly grass- and hay-fed. The grain feed that helps fatten them during the last few months is made on the farm from locally grown corn, soybean meal and molasses.

While I'm near the subject, I read this incredible piece the other day on Table to Farm. No, I didn't invert them. The Farm to Table concept is super popular right now, and might I add, super yummy. The Table to Farm concept brings the process full circle. According to the article, Table to Farm is the "age-old system of utilizing our discarded food scraps as a food and nutrient source in our food production system." Translation: chickens and pigs can eat our scrap food (rather than spend kajillions on corn and other feed). Better for our economy and the environment. Something to ponder.


Dan said...

Do you have a link for the Table to Farm article? It sounds very interesting.

patrick properties said...

Hey Dan, thanks for your message. Here's the link to the article. http://chefscollaborative.org/category/blog/