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Monday, August 18, 2008

On Newsstands Now!

Isn't it just the best to come home and find a surprise waiting? Specifically, I'm talking about the latest edition of Charleston Weddings, in which Lowndes Grove has a starring role, sitting ever so beautifully on my desk. You simply must check it out. And, Style Editor Ayoka Lucas has posted some fun behind-the-scenes shots on the Charleston Weddings blog. Thanks to everyone who made the shoot, and this issue so fantastic.

And now, with little to no, non-sequitor, just have to share this brilliant and darkly funny (you KNOW how I love it) promotional piece for the now defunct (long shuddering sigh) Florent in NYC. French in roots and vibe but ever so Meatpacking District and New York in every other way. Check out this hilariously creative promo for Bastille Day.

1 comment:

misty said...

GREAT bridal photo shoot at Lowndes Grove featured in Charleston Weddings magazine! My favorite was the model sitting in the circular window. I can't wait to have my bridal portraits made there in December! The renovations are amazing. Keep up the good work guys!