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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Scenes from the bar

Had a late brainstorming meeting over Sapporos with pals from Blue Ion last night. So much fun to actually sit down at Fish's purple heart wood and watch people come and go. Last night was also the triumphant return of The Charlton Singleton Trio, so it was a big night all around. I've talked with many people about how all of us here at PP are so curious to see what sort of crowd our new bar is going to draw. After all, Upper King is an eclectic area in and of itself, enticing folks old and young, straight and gay, students and professionals, artists and bankers, architects and dancers. To me, sitting at the bar last night was like watching the first scenes of a movie or a play unfold. There is an excitement and anticipation that is palpable, like a hum of electricity just below the surface.

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