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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Coming out stories

Well campers, last night Fish had its first opening party, a "Coming Out Celebration," which was also a fundraiser for AFFA, the Alliance for Full Acceptance. An incredible group of folks joined us last night to taste the new menu and take in the new sights and sounds of our bar and the dining room. Guests were given detailed comment cards on which we asked for their opinions on everything from food to service to decor and music. As I walked through the restaurant last night, it was incredible to watch a sea of faces laughing, enjoying and savoring their experience. Of course, we had a few opening night glitches (only one of three printers working in the kitchen), but on the up side we had fierce food and Mitchell Crosby in the dining room, so you do the math!

And, last night our wonderfully generous guests donated nearly $3400 that goes directly to AFFA, and we are so thankful. Not bad for our first Coming Out Party.

Also, as promised a select few photos from the Patricks' birthday bonanza last week. What, you think I'm going to give away the interiors of the restaurant before you get in there? Silly.

1 comment:

team b said...

Dear Fish and AFFA People:
Thank you for a wonderful experience. The service was amazing and the food..ahh the food. We're still trying to decide what was our favorite - the risotto...no wait, the pork chops...or the scallops - everything was so delicious. Thank you for the invitation and we wish you much success.