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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Poetry & basket weaving

Doesn't that title sound like electives available during your senior of college? Anyway, went to hear poet Thomas Lux read the other night at Ashley Hall. If you've never been to a poetry reading, you should go, mostly because it's never what you have it in your mind to be. I say that after attending nearly three dozen in my life. Lux, who currently teaches at Georgia Tech, is really funny. Smart, clever and so clearly loves what he does. And, should you get the chance to catch any sort of performance at Ashley Hall, you should also go because it's just a gorgeous space. Fantastic, historic architecture, this little oasis in the middle of downtown Charleston.

Architect Reggie Gibson has introduced us to some fascinating people through the course of the Fish renovation. Last week, we met Molly B. Right, a local artist who creates portraits and landscapes out of vintage bottle caps. Yes, really. Molly starts with a painted portrait on a sheet of metal. She then glues to the bottle caps to the metal in an overlapping fashion, "like the scales of a snake." The results are stunning.

And today, I just took a quick photo of Nancy Basket from Walhalla, South Carolina. And wouldn't you know it, she just so happens to make baskets. In fact, she hand wove the kudzu fishing basket light fixtures in Fish. We're trying to capture all of these stories as they are happening, because well, they're wildly interesting and really, who doesn't want a good story to pass along?

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