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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The moo shu has been brought

When last we left Patrick Properties, Fish was in the throws of its final push to get finished. Today, we're still in the throws, and it's looking divine. And, the Fish Management team is also conducting orientation with their new staff. Lots going on.

However, I must share bigger news. And that is, the PP team had a tasting of the new moo shu lunch concept on Friday. Back story: I have to say, as supportive as the PP team is, food is food, you know what I'm saying? Everyone wants to be wowed, surprised, swept off their feet, etc. (Especially since a certain Marketing/PR person has been whipping everyone up into a frenzy with mysterious messaging, but I digress.) So, a bunch of us gathered in the PP catering kitchen for moo shu 101 on Friday afternoon. And without getting too gregarious and gushy about it, that moo shu was simply everything I hoped it would be and more. Simple, fresh, delicious. A seamless and surprising blend of flavors that turned a group of, can I say cynical, or perhaps experienced, hospitality folks into ooohing and aaahhing and yumming moo shu fans. It's an exciting time, kids. Lunch has been brought.

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