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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let the reopening madness begin!

Because we love a challenge, PP decided to throw a multi-birthday party celebration at Fish for the Patricks, their friends and family. TONIGHT.

Yeah, we're funny like that.

Anywho, all hands were on deck today for the final push today. And, to kick things off right, we had a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Managing Partner Randall Goldman. As luck would have it, the Charleston City Fire Marshall was here at the same time, to make sure everything was good to go. During his perusal of the space, he set off the alarms, which were routed to our alarm company who quickly and efficiently dispatched the Charleston Fire Department. So, the big red fire truck came roaring down King Street, sirens and lights a-blazing. It was definitely a moment.

(P.S. The firefighters are wonderful guys.)

Oh, and then Randall cut the ribbon and POOF! A restaurant.

Party pics to come.
And, might I also just add amid this frivolity, please be careful out there with the impending Hanna situation.

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