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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How about...

How about Charleston all up in the Daily Candy? Quite a nice write up on our fair city, although kids, you completely and utterly missed the Upper King Design District. (They did however, catch Hominy Grill.) But they did mention both hoop skirts and mint juleps. (Neither of which I've come across since I've lived here. Ponderous.)

How about being in the 9th inning of the Fish renovation as hurricanes swirl their way to our area? You want to see a tense group of folks? Come on over and talk to Team PP. Mind you, no one (thankfully) has lost their sense of humor, but holy smacks, what a week we're having!

How about walking my pal from Blue Ion through Fish and The American Theater in their various stages of renovation/super cool disarray and still getting the ooohs and aaahs?

How about culling together some of the amazing back stories of various design elements at Fish to share?

How about laughing hysterically with my office mates because we are slap happy from lacquer fumes and menu edits?

How about feeling old because one of my coworkers never heard of the Violent Femmes?

How about a list to try to illustrate how many things going on here on any particular pre-hurricane, pre-opening Wednesday?

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