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Monday, June 9, 2008

From seat 14 at American Theater

Today at PP starts demolition in a very real way at American Theater, and it's super exciting. Check out the pics. It's fast and furious in there! Director of Human Resources Elizabeth Kitchin came in today decked out in shorts, t-shirt and sneakers, ready to jump in and help with the removal of the theater seats, most of which are going to our pals at the Terrace Theater on James Island.

It was a big weekend for Charleston cuisine as Robert Stehling of Hominy Grill won the prestigious James Beard award for Best Chef in the Southeast. (FIG's Mike Lata and McCrady's Sean Brock were also nominated, Lata for best chef in the Southeast and Brock for rising star chef of the year.) Congrats to all! Love it when Charleston gets props for the amazing cuisine we continue to produce and refine.

Take a look at this powerful interactive piece Patagonia put together about the environmental impact of a sampling of their products. The phrasing of their environment commitment was particularly well-worded: "cause no unnecessary harm." It states the obvious: all business, whether small or large, impacts the environment, but also speaks to a mindfulness that there are lots of things we can all be doing to "tread more lightly." Nicely done.

In fish news (lowercase f), the mighty Chinook Salmon from the Pacific Northwest is in big trouble, due to a temporary decline in the plankton and the small fish it feeds upon and then, of course man-made issues. What can you do? Downshift your salmon consumption and support legislation that reduces fishing quotas and commits money to restore their habitat.

Now, in Fish news, remember, this is the last week to join us before we close for the big refreshing! Saturday dinner is our last service until we reopen. What are you waiting for? Gas is nearly $4 and you can still have Dollar Dim Sum tomorrow night and half-priced wines on Wednesday. For the love...call us 843.722.FISH or just come on by!

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