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Monday, June 16, 2008

What's Up

Dear Internet,

Did you miss me? Well, here I am, back from Ohio, home of the Buckeyes and my Mom, as the case would have it. I also got to see my niece (12) and nephew (15) who were also visiting. They are fantastic young people and might I say this, their texting skills are exemplary. Truly I have never seen thumbs move so fast. I was exhausted just watching.

Today marks the return to the PP campus of none other than the globe-trotting Goldmans. That's right, folks, fresh from Dubrovnik and other choice European cities (I know Paris for sure). I have not had a chance to be in their presence long enough to be regaled with trip tales. However, I can report that at least two boxes arrived at PP headquarters from Dubrovnik. PRESENTS!

In other news, Fish officially closed for refreshing after dinner service on Saturday night. And today, members of the Fish and PP team cleared out the entire kitchen and restaurant in what I think may be record time to prepare for the upcoming enhancements. Giddy up!

And, at The American Theater, the concessions area? Yeah, gone. Stadium seats? As if. Kids, this demo crew means it, and the results are going to be unforgettable.

Oh and get this: our friend and location scout, Stephen Rhea, who has helped PP get connected with some wonderful productions (remember that scene from The Notebook in front of The American Theater?). Anywho, Stephen brought a film production team, including actor/director Bill Duke to The William Aiken House to scope it out for an upcoming project for the Hallmark Hall of Fame network. Not only is Mr. Duke a formidable actor/director, every single bit I read about him refers to his imposing height (6'4) and his shaved head. He definitely has presence, and it's not just his size. He was also extremely friendly and warm. And, he just loved The William Aiken House which, I'll admit, only made me love him more.

As if all of this refreshing business wasn't enough, PP is also getting a brand new server. That means I'm writing you from my sweet old home MacBook, as the installation may take a day or so. Soon to come, photos from the great refreshing and tales from Dubrovnik. Stay tuned.

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