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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A bird in the hair beats two in the...oh never mind.

I want to hang out with the woman who can rock this Charm School Design double bird headpiece, and I want her to get married at Lowndes Grove this minute! Ok? Thanks.

In other news: holy salmonella, Batman, how about those tomatoes? Here's another reason to EAT LOCAL! Um, you know it's bad when Reuters says: Florida's "whole tomato industry is in complete collapse." Just so you don't whip yourself into a fearful frenzy, bear in mind that it only applies to Florida-grown raw red plum, red Roma, red round tomatoes and products containing those tomatoes. So, be careful but not paranoid and ya know, eat local 'maters.

As of today, you can officially no longer get any kind of concession from the American Theater concession area. Moment of silence, please. And, scene.

BTW: sent out this email today about Fish's final Dollar Dim Sum BEFORE THE REFRESHING BEGINS...

Good afternoon,

We at Fish realize it’s hotter than the fringes of…well, you know.

In light of the heat, rising gas prices and the tomato/salmonella debacle, we’d like to offer a simple, delicious and affordable pleasure.

Dollar Dim Sum. That’s right. Chef Nico takes what’s fresh and tasty and puts it together in a perfectly delectable package. All for a dollar (that’s $1) a piece.

Fill up your belly. The rest can wait.

I suppose I should have mentioned that Sean would also be happy to whip up a very refreshing strawberry mojito for you as well. Yes, with local strawberries. Come over.

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