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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bonjour, partner. French-Texan, maybe?

Isn't that a priceless gem? There's our very own Executive Chef Nico Romo tipping his cowboy hat (?!) to the ladies at Juanita Greenberg's at Fish's last hurrah after the final shift Saturday evening.

Now, check out a few sneaks peeks of the Theater and Fish renovation currently in progress. Camper, it is fast and furious in there, may I just say?

In other news, PP is donating two vacant homes located on property we own in Mt. Pleasant to the Mt. Pleasant Fire Department. The two homes will be used for fire and safety training purposes. Since we're in the business of finding creative ways to preserve and reuse, it was important to us to find a new use for these homes. For all firefighters do, we are happy to be able to do a little something to support them.

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with Managing Partner Randall Goldman to hear all about the Goldman Dubrovnik Escapades. He did happen to mention that he took approximately 1,000 photos. (Um, methinks I think I will be sharing just a nice representative sample.) Stories to come!

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