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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hanging with the neighbors

Our friends and neighbors at Garden & Gun threw a fantastic launch party tonight for the new Billy Reid store at 150 King Street. Per Billy's website, he is a "steady hearted Southener," which I think is a brilliant description and wish I had thought of it. Reid creates beautifully stylish and wearable clothing for men and women. The store is an elegant space and reminded me of a Southern grandmother's home, a gentlemen's hunt club, an antique store and a living photo album all at once. Some very tasty foie gras was provided by Mike Lata from FIG. Saw lots of people we knew, including friends from one of our Upper King favorites, Lesesne and folks from the Charleston CVB and the Post & Courier. As I left the fete while the joint was still packed and walked out into the blast of sultry heat, I couldn't help but feel grateful for this wonderful little city by the sea. 'Tis a town of warm hearted neighbors.

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