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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

1970s style inspiration, renovation & false alarms

Sometimes a blast from the past serves as great inspiration...or at least a good laugh. Today, Heather, writer of one of my favorite blogs, received a package of Land of the Lost t-shirts. If you are familiar with Land of the Lost, you must know that I spent more than the recommended daily allowance of time in front of the t.v. watching this totally 1970s family flail their way through a pre-historic land. A true classic. I can't even tell you what that little nugget of nostalgia did for my creativity level today. I cranked out copy like nobody's business. Who knew bad 1970s t.v. could spark such eloquence?!

When last we left Patrick Properties, The American Theater, Fish and 440 King Street were rocking with renovation and expansion activity. (More photos to come tomorrow.) This morning, a cloud of plaster dust inadvertently set off a fire alarm in 440 King Street. Here at PP headquarters, we received the call from our alarm company that the Fire Department had been dispatched. Um, WHAT?!

After our Corporate Sales Manager and General Manager made quick rounds of all the properties, they found the source of the trouble at 440 King Street, as well as a number of members of the Charleston Fire Department. Seeing that there was no fire issue at 440 King Street, the firefighters jumped to the aid of Executive Chef Nico Romo and Sous Chef Trung Duong as they struggled to lug trees out of the Fish courtyard. Thanks, guys!

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