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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Guerilla gardening, pong & Vogue

We here at PP are all about a grass roots movement and interesting and creative ways to tackle challenges. Check out this LA Times article about the guerilla gardener movement. Basically, it's a bunch of stealthy gardeners who, under the cloak of darkness, plant and beautify land that doesn't even belong to them, like say highway medians and vacant lots. Rather cool that unused land is being turned into something beautiful and/or edible. Here at PP, we've got a pretty fantastic little herb garden near our parking lot, maintained by one of Sous Chefs, Trung Duong. He doesn't do it under the cloak of darkness or anything, but it's still quite wonderful.

By the way, over at 440 King Street, the soon-to-dining room of Fish, there is butcher paper up in the windows. Why? Because we like to surprise you, silly. Besides, we can use the butcher paper for interesting messages to curious passersby. You should definitely plan on joining us at Fish, like say on Saturday, Saturday June 14, which is our last day before the refreshing begins. Hang out with Jodie and Evan. Raise your glass. It'll be fun, promise.

In other news, Nico informed me the other day that he has purchased Wii. For those of you who recall, Nico recently injured his knee on the soccer field as well as made a truly memorable comment. Let me just say this about Wii. One, I have never played it. Two, I did, however, spend an inordinately large portion of my childhood playing Pong, Space Invaders, DonkeyKong and Ladybug (in that order). Whole years went by in a blink because of those games. We can only hope and pray that Nico doesn't become addicted to Wii, and we find one him one morning curled in a ball, fingers bleeding from Guitar Hero. Please Nico, be careful.

Received a text from Director of Events Jennifer Goldman this morning as she sped across France on her way to Normandy. (Everything in me is trying NOT to be jealous right now.) Anywho, the text said that The William Aiken House is mentioned in the current issue of Vogue, which is a really nice thing to wake up to, I must say.

1 comment:

Heather said...

A good friend of mine recently went to the doctor for shoulder pain. He examined her and said, "You just bought a Wii didn't you?"

Apparently it's quite common.

As I'm a luddite where gaming consoles are concerned, I don't think I've laughed so hard in a long time.