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Monday, March 23, 2009

Pigs & cafeteria stories

Everyone, this is Dallas Alice. She belongs to the bride and groom who got married at Lowndes Grove this weekend. She told me she had an excellent time and that you should book your next event there, too.

Back from The Mountain, kids and may I say? It was quite the productive and hilarious weekend. Yes, both at once. Fun fact about me: I never went to sleep away camp as a child. However, this weekend, I really feel like I did. The accommodations had exquisite views and were also, um, a bit on the rustic side. Think plywood, bunk beds and toilets you must pump. All part of the experience my friends. All to keep us focused on the task at hand: strategic planning.

The food was really good, which is so important for me as you might imagine. Armed with old-school cafeteria trays, we wound our way through the food choices and sat down together to eat at a long, wooden table.

That cafeteria tray plugged into all sorts of memories for me. I remember being young enough to think the tray was enormous and hard to carry. I remember the first time I was able to reach for my own bowl of pudding at Percy Brown's, a cafeteria-style restaurant in my Grandma's hometown. I even remember using a tray to careen down a snowy hill at breakneck speed when I was in college. I can tell you: a LOT of the food I have had that sat atop a cafeteria tray was really not good: processed, overcooked, what you might expect. But my memories of it are so good. Why? I think it might have something to do with the fine company waiting for my tray and me at so many tables over so many years. (It may also be that I'm mentally blocking scenes from junior high school, but stay with me.) Perhaps it's just plain goodness to gather over food with friends. Perhaps we need this time to sit, talk, laugh, eat and drink with those we love and admire. Perhaps it's good for one's digestion to linger over food, tell a story and break bread. It seems that some of my best moments have come cafeteria-style.

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