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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Olympique Lyonnais Forever!

Despite Olympique Lyonnais' tragic loss to Barcelona last night, Nico still managed to demonstrate how to make a shrimp spring rolls to a fantastic group of folks at the King Street Kitchen Company. Smiling and cooking through his tears...that's a professional, folks!

Here at PP headquarters, we're currently working on the design of the Spring/Printemps menu for Fish. It sounds phenomenal. We've also been fortunate enough to be part of the taste testing group for the new spring desserts and holy mother of pastry goodness, it is an experience worth remembering, especially over a nice cup of coffee. Deelish.

True story that I mentioned on Twitter this morn: last night as our Director of Events, Director of Human Resources and yours truly began walking through the gate at The William Aiken House, a male passerby asked, in all seriousness, "Is this the CLAY Aiken House?" Um, no, sir, it. is. not.

Nice photo of our pals at EVO Pizza in today's P&C. North Charleston is hoping to keep sidewalk dining alive and well. I vote yes!

In Upper King Street news, it seems that 52.5 Records is going to branch out to beers, books and beats. According to their latest Twitter, "We'll start with a small (50-60) selection of craft beers, available as singles and mixed 6 packs." Personally, I think that's a stroke of genius. Reminds me of when I was in graduate school in D.C., I spent many an afternoon (that turned into an evening) at Kramer Books & Afterwords Cafe.

And finally today, members of the PP team are getting ready to head to a neighborhood gathering at Hall's Chophouse, who's set to open this coming Monday. Congratulations to Team Hall. We wish you lots of luck.

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Joan said...

Ha! I love the Clay Aiken comment! That is hilarious.