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Friday, March 6, 2009

He owes it all to his Popeye socks

Nico and Jodie are currently aboard the luxurious Empyrean Yacht cruising the Charleston waterways with about 25 folks and two writers from Southern Living for the Food + Wine Festival's Cocktails & Conversations. Nico's preparing an array of fantastic hors d'oeuvres to complement the cocktails mixed by Oak's Jason Hamm. And, Nico's also wearing his Popeye socks, which are my favorite. (With Nico's accent his says Popeye like this: POE PIE.) Jodie is being the consummate picture of style and graciousness and extoling the virtues of our fine restaurant to all who will lend an ear. Me? I'm in the PP offices, perched behind The American Theater marquee with the window wide open catching the perfect breeze. Goooo team! Hope to see you this weekend as we continue our 100 Mile Dinner tonight and tomorrow. Enjoy the fine weather and be safe out there!

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