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Friday, March 27, 2009

Catwalks, G Love, Wayne Newton & PP Nuptials!

(Photo courtesy of The Digitel's flickr.) Wow, what a week! So, Charleston Fashion Week has been lighting up King Street all week long and last night, Fish got its turn to shine as hosts of the After Party. Earlier in the evening, my partner in crime and I made it to the tents at Marion Square to see our pal Mary Norton, Saks, Pearl and Hampden Clothing on the runway. Much fun. P.S. G.Love walked ahead of us on the way there.

The DJ's bass was so loud you could feel it pulsating through your chest (I sincerely love that feeling), and the set design looked like Lite Brite meets disco ball. The models were an interesting mix of tough and demure. (I took special delight in the model who flipped the bird to the press as the crowd audibly gasped and recoiled in horror.)

Oh, and must tell you how much I admire the folks at The Digitel. They have/had their fingers on the pulse of all the CFW brouhaha: Twittering like mad, LIVE blogging, videos, the works. Great job, guys.
Friends from Blue Ion stopped by Fish for some moo shu this afternoon after seeing WAYNE NEWTON perform for the CFW MUSC Benefit. Check it out. He's still got it, people!

And last but certainly not least, one of own PP Event Manager ties the knot this weekend at Lowndes Grove, and we could not be more thrilled. Here's to many happy, healthy years Sarah and Tommy. Congratulations!

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