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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cake for breakfast! And more!

Started off the morning with a delicious piece of lemon wedding cake with vanilla fondant and fresh blueberry, ginger buttercream made by our own Goddess of Pastry Susanna Ieronemo. P.S. She also bought me a cup o' coffee from Kudu. I am. Officially spoiled.
The mini wedding cakes weren't just for our gluttonous consumption. Nay, they were dessert for a luncheon meeting of 30 Charleston area wedding planners at the River House at Lowndes Grove. More on that soon.
While I'm talking food, I should also tell you that tomorrow Nico will be doing a cooking demonstration with our neighbors at King Street Kitchen Company. $12 gets you the demo with Nico for his shrimp spring roll, samples of the aforementioned yumminess and beer or wine. Plus, you get to see all of the supercool kitchens. Check out more info here.
Here at PP headquarters, we're currently working on the design of the Spring/Printemps menu for Fish. Lots of South of France and Pan-Asian influences, and, as always, lots of tasty local products.
Finally, wanted to officially congratulate our pals at Blue Ion, Gil Shuler Graphic Design, HOOK and FORMO for their ADDY wins this weekend. It's a real pleasure to know that we live and work in a place where such fine creatives reside.

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