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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Picture it: Charleston 1951

PP Facilities Foreman Kenneth Priester, AKA one of the kindest men I have met, stopped by our office today and said, "Randall wanted me to show you this." For a moment I was truly perplexed. Kenneth is one of those men who build and/or fix almost anything and has during his tenure with PP done just that. Me on the other hand? Not so handy. (I am earnest in my attempts however.) So, when Kenneth said Randall wanted him to show me something, I was certain he was mistaken. It's like the dude from this old house having something to share with Carrie Bradshaw (leave me with my SJP dream, will ya?) Turns out Kenneth had shared the photo above with Randall and Randall immediately said: "BLOG IT; TWITTER IT!" (Randall drinks the Kool-Aid that IS social media.) The photo was taken by Kenneth's Mom back in 1951 and it's the corner of John and Meeting Streets, as seen from Kenneth's Mom's apartment window. Kenneth promises to share more photos like this (his Mom is doing some cleaning, lucky for us!). Take a look at our fair city. She's always been a pretty lady. Thanks, Kenneth.

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JoE said...

look at all of the trees!