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Thursday, April 2, 2009

A veritable plethora of subjects

Boy oh boy, nothing like a little April Fool's tomfoolery to get the creative juices flowing! The Charleston blogosphere was awash in antics yesterday. I can take no credit for Randall's resignation epistle, though as it was penned by the man himself. I can honestly say I have never written nor uttered the word Brobdingnagian until, well, this moment. Tis catchy, though. Really catchy.

In other news, Fish is reviewed in the hot-off-the-presses April issue of Charleston Magazine. Writer Patricia Agnew covered every inch of the Fish experience, from decor to small plates to flavor and texture and hey, she even referenced this very blog!

In other food and beverage news, I simply adore the photo and write up of Charleston Grill's Chef Michelle Weaver. I have been a huge fan for years.

Off to meet photographer Tim Zielenbach (he of the amazing moments that open our website) in a bit. Not only is Tim a talented photographer, he's also very funny, a great storyteller and JACKPOT, a Bruce Springsteen fan! In fact, he sent me lyrics to the long lost Bruce classic: Does this bus stop at 82nd Street, which begins with the magical line: "Hey bus driver keep the change, bless your children, give them names..." Speaking of Bruce, if you haven't watched fellow New Jerseyan Jon Stewart openly adoring Bruce TO Bruce, you should.

And finally, for those of you who dig on swine, I mean, sweet pigs named Dallas Alice, check out these lovely photos from Melissa and Keith's recent wedding at Lowndes Grove.

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