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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Museday

1. Last night, I responsibly enjoyed some Hendrick's gin with Andra Watkins of Positus Consulting. How much do love the packaging? A vintage apothecary bottle? Genius. P.S. Andra is smart and hilarious. If your business needs some new energy, you should call her.

2. Just returned from the Charleston CVB Travel Council Meeting at The American Theater Ballroom. (Yes, a short commute for me.) You can call it a hospitality industry pow wow. There was wine.

3. Funny moment from aforementioned meeting: Andy Rankin's rallying cry for everyone to use packages (accommodations, excursions and otherwise) to attract visitors. He used a package he found online called: THE PUTT & PAMPER (golf & other luxuries). It just might be my new favorite phrase.

4. Thanks to PP Event Manager Rachel Sneed and ALL of you who got haircuts for Salon Couture's Cut-A-Thon. In all, $1200 was raised for Crisis Ministries!

5. General observation: if you live in Charleston long enough, you will find that there are really only two degrees of separation.

1 comment:

Connection Maven said...

Sometimes, in Charleston, it seems that there are NO degrees of separation. We all just change hats and rotate to new positions. I love that everyone is so close here. It is what makes Charleston, Charleston.