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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ah, Spring...

In my bones, I know it's Spring, even if the weather this morning tried to tell me otherwise. Take a look at the scene outside the Patricks North Carolina mountain house! Reminds me of Easter snowstorms when I was a child. You know, shivering in your thin dress and white tights while the snow piled up? Memories.
In celebration of Spring (fluctuating temperatures aside), take a look at the list of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms put together by our friends at Lowcountry Local First. CSAs are a great way to support our local farmers AND keep yourself stocked up with the season's freshest produce available.
Other cool bits I ran across today:

Not only did Green Olive Media go to the original Ninfa's on their recent trip to Houston, Texas, they also introduced me to artist Amy Evans. The title to one of her paintings?
I Have Given Up Trying to Be A Gracious Lady. I’m Going Back To Raising Mandrills. ~Flannery O’Connor

The supercool wedding blog, StyleMePretty, ran a stunning real wedding story that featured a same sex couple. Nicely done on the heels of Iowa and Vermont.

Great philosophy no matter what the economy: neighbors over at HOOK do not mark up production costs on any outside services. Oh and they produce some of the most innovative and spot-on creative around. Check out the sweet environmental campaign they put together for sneaker boutique Suite Sole.

And finally today, thanks to the City Paper who mentioned Fish as a favorite outdoor dining spot. Hey, it's Spring. Join us on the patio or the piazza. (Bring a scarf just in case.)

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