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Friday, April 10, 2009

A Truly Good Friday

If you're torn about whether you should go out tonight, rest assured. What better way to spend Good Friday than with Episcopalian-Priest-by-day-DJ-by-night, JAZ?
JAZ, AKA John Zahl, is Fish's Friday night DJ. And, hanging out with John when he's spinning is a nearly, well, a religious experience. That's because JAZ is passionate about what he does. He LOVES music, LOVES vinyl (it's a sensory experience, kids), LOVES interesting people. And to top it all off, he's sincerely one of the kindest, warmest people I've ever met.
More interesting tidbits: He graduated from Kenyon College in 2000 with a degree in philosophy and went on to Oxford for his Master's in Divinity in 2008. He also has a direct connection in the Charleston fashion scene. His wife, Deirdre is Creative Director at Mary Norton. See? Small world.
I have to say, I think of John in the same way that I think about a Bruce Springsteen concert. When asked about his performances, Bruce said something like, "If I get people off their butts to sing and dance, their spirits will naturally follow." A Bruce show is part opera, part comedy, part political rally and part spiritual revival. Hanging out with JAZ, well, you'll just need to follow the music and the man and see where it takes you. JAZ spins every Friday at Fish, from 10 pm until 2 pm.

1 comment:

RPrioleau said...

JAZ is the best. And could there be a more dynamic duo than JAZ + Deirdre?