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Monday, April 13, 2009

Eggs, turnips & more!

Egg salad and deviled eggs? Does that pretty much cover the "what to make with 18 colored, hardboiled eggs" discussion?

Spent lots of time outside this weekend, in the yard, with friends, walking, playing. Much needed. Got to taste some wonderful local produce too, thanks to friends who have a share in Ambrose Farms' CSA. Here's what was on the menu: scalloped turnips, sauteed turnip greens (olive oil and garlic) and fresh strawberries over what may have been the best pound cake ever. Yes, I have wonderful friends.

On Saturday, my partner in crime made her inaugural visit of the season to the Farmer's Market in Marion Square. She scored some grapes, roasted beet and goat cheese ravioli and a gyro. Yay, Spring!

PP Event Manager Rachel Sneed spent her day off getting her hair cut as part of neighbor Salon Couture's Cut-A-Thon. All proceeds from today's business go to Crisis Ministries.

By the by, in case you didn't see it, please peruse Bill Thompson's fine piece on PP Managing Partner Randall Goldman. It's definitely the most incisive piece I've read about Randall. (Well, except for my tell-all expose, but that's a few years down the line.)

Just a reminder for Thursday's Upper King Design Walk. Remember, Lesesne has the new line from Sideshow Press! Oh, and I'll be there too. See? Bonuses all around.

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