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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wedding Season's Coming!

Was re-perusing the "Summer 2008" edition of Charleston Weddings today, and can I just say? We counted at least 5 references to events at The William Aiken House and Lowndes Grove, from editorial to photographers' ads. Too cool! Thanks to all of our friends and vendors who help make us look so good.

The City Paper had a nice little write up today about the Richter Wine Dinner coming up this Friday. Remember? Friday? You promised to make reservations? Richter Wine Dinner? Wine legend sharing his private stock only with us. Yes, THAT wine dinner. I'll wait until you make the call: 843.722.FISH.

Random story: Yesterday, while out at Lowndes Grove looking at the new bluestone, I had this thought. Well, several actually. First of all, I thought how cool would it be to draw in chalk all over this new bluestone. (I know, childhood dreams never properly realized.) Then, I had this flashback of one of my first weeks here at PP when I thought how cool it would be to do chalk messaging near the restaurant. It went over well...until the second time when one of our city's finest "caught" me, chalk in hand and asked me if I realized that what I was doing was considered "defacing property." Um, no? She gave me a paper warning, thank goodness. Nothing says "I love my new job" like an arrest, huh? It became the running joke my first weeks here, and actually served as a nice little ice breaker. (I know, you have a story just like this, right?)

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