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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Meet Jessica Kafer

But first, a Lowndes Grove morsel: You know things are moving along nicely when the floors are getting sanded! So exciting. My trusty photographer and I are headed out there tomorrow to see the latest. It's literally different every time we go. I only wish we had time lapse cameras set up to catch all the action!

Now, meet our new Corporate Sales Manager, Jessica Kafer. She is very cool. A Harford County, Maryland native (when you're from Maryland, you label yourself by county), she comes to us most recently from The Inn at Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton. Jessica also spent some time in the Washington D.C. area (where I went to graduate school), so we talked about fun places we'd both been. (A martini bar called Felix if you must know.) Anyway, Jessica will be leading the charge on all corporate business for our sweet family of properties. I don't have a photo of Jessica yet, although she suggested my friend Mary, the one who drew UNCLE CARL, could whip up a rendering. What a fabulous idea. I personally think we should all have those rather than headshots. Anyway, if y'all see Jessica on the street, say hey!

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