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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Valentine's Day 411

What a crazy Valentine's Day. I've had a bit of candy so I'm a little zingy from the sugar buzz. Lots to report.

First of all: Congratulations to Celeste and Charles Patrick (yes, the Patricks behind Patrick Properties). Last night, they received the Community Builder Award from the Trident United Way. The award honors philanthropic individuals who demonstrate excellence in working to improve the community. This year is the first time the award was given to a couple. Evidently, the award was a surprise for the Patricks who didn't know they were receiving award until their names were called. We here at PP are incredibly proud.

Now to Lowndes Grove. Yes, we made it out there this afternoon and WOW it looks incredible. Personally, I am so intrigued by the brickwork. I love to watch bricklayers do their thing, because they make it look so incredibly easy. We'll have new photos to share tomorrow.

And finally, fun fact about our new Corporate Sales Manager Jessica Kafer. Rather than the usual headshot, Jessica offered me this lovely portrait of herself done by her niece. I think it fits in nicely with our holiday theme, no? So, the story on SIS. So, Jessica's sister couldn't say "Jessica" when she was just a wee lass, so instead she said: Sis. And in a typical family-creating-your-identity-in-a-moment style, Jessica forevermore became Sis to everyone in her family. No one in her family even CALLS her Jessica. But if you call here looking to book some corporate business, I suggest you use Jessica, mm 'kay?

Okay, go snuggle with your sweet baboo or something.

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Where are the new photos!?