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Monday, February 18, 2008

A Case of the Mondays?

Photo: Lowndes Grove architectural detail.

I often find myself reclining amongst the marsh grass listening to the dulcet tones of a flute-playing, winged cherub.

Thanks for the gentle reminder from a fan who said, hey, where are the photos?!

New Lowndes Grove renovation photos are up. The clock is ticking! Some fine craftsmen: painters, bricklayers, landscapers, drywall specialists and more are working their magic as we head into the homestretch of the renovation, which, did I mention included new wiring and HVAC? Yes, you could say ambitious. That would be accurate.

In other news, this Thursday at 6:30 pm, Nico will be doing a fabulous cooking demonstration with our friends at Charleston Cooks! If you've ever wanted to learn the ins and outs of local seafood and watch a truly entertaining and engaging Frenchman, you must make plans to be there. Be warned: if Nico really likes you, he'll probably try to recruit you for our arena soccer team. $55 per person. Call 843.722.1212 for reservations or click the link above.

In other food for thought (for real) news...saw some upsetting footage of animal abuse on the news this morning in reference to the story about the recall of 143 million pounds of beef (most of which has already been purchased/consumed). Not only is the story upsetting in and of itself, but also because a story like this only "breaks" after a lot of yelling by a lot of people for an extended period of time. Stories like this just drive home to me that we must be vigilant in our quest to know the source of what we eat. The next you're eating, take a moment to try and trace your food back to its source. If you can't, ask your grocer or your chef. It really is that important.

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