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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Food, wine, lunching with writers, jazz and um, more food, more wine

'Tis a rather chilly kick off to the Food + Wine Festival, but our excitement keeps us warm. Nico, Catering Manager Richard Jones and Pastry Chef Susie Ieronemo are wheeling a cart over to Marion Square shortly with some of this evening's finest cuisine. (It's SO nice to be within cart-wheeling distance of this gig!) Shot above from my phone shows some tents, one of the many promotional signs and a glimpse of the Francis Marion Hotel.

While picking up badges, tickets and chefs jackets at Festival Central earlier today, I spied my pal Melany Mullens' name. Melany works with Wagstaff Worldwide (experts in hospitality PR and just fabulous folks to know). I look forward to seeing her out and about for the weekend's events.

Had a fantastic lunch out at Lowndes Grove today. Managing Partner Randall Goldman, Lowndes Grove General Manager Ashley Gunnin and I met with CVB Media Goddess Katie Chapman, writer Lynn Seldon and his wife and Marketing Manager, Cele. Randall gave an informative "hard hat" tour of the property; Katie provided lunch and Lynn and Cele brought more goodies and wine. It was very nearly a party! We had a great time discussing story ideas, the state of the hospitality industry in Charleston and international travel to crazy places like Dubrovnik, Croatia. All that and dessert too.

What else? Oh, last night at Fish, our Wednesday night entertainment, The Charlton Singleton Trio, had a special guest. Her name is Cameron Handler. She's a former student of Charlton's and for the record, a HELLUVA musician. She plays a mean trumpet and, fun fact, she was nearly a member of Beyonce's band. By the sounds of things last night, we'll probably be seeing Ms. Handler more regularly.

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