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Monday, February 4, 2008

Engagements, wings & the market. You?

Happy news: Sarah, one of our fabulous event managers, got engaged in Asheville this weekend. I just stopped by The William Aiken House office to hear about the proposal and, of course, take a peek at her beautiful ring. It's really funny to see a roomful of event managers, who have seen it all, talk about the upcoming nuptials of one of their own. The news seems to have reenergized the entire office. Congratulations, Sarah!

Buffalo wing cooking tip: Had dinner with some friends right near Lowndes Grove this weekend. Besides having a lovely view of the river, we also had some killer wings made by our host. His secret? Slow cook the wings in a crockpot, then finish them on the grill. Amazing. Best wings I've ever had.

The City Market: Read an interesting article on the rather nebulous future of the City Market in the Charleston Regional Business Journal. It seems that in April, all of the vendor leases expire as the market's management company, The Christopher Co., also reaches the end of its contract.

A few weeks ago when Randall, Chef Nico and I attended the SC Department of Agriculture's "Fresh on the Menu" program, there was some discussion about the Charleston City Market returning to its local, agricultural and farm-based roots. According to the Business Journal article, in the 1940s the market was a popular meat and produce market. Sadly, by the 1950s, the market and the surrounding area had fallen into ruin. Then, in 1974 The Christoper Co. leased it from the city and a rejuvenation followed. From the sounds of the many local farmers, producers, chefs and restaurant owners at the "Fresh on the Menu" meeting, there is great support and enthusiasm for a return to more local products: produce, meats, fish.

Then, in today's Post & Courier, I read that the city collected 3 bids from management companies. The most interesting to us here at PP is the one from the City Market Preservation Trust. You can call it the team of Steve Varn and Hank Holliday, who owns The Planter's Inn, Peninsula Grill and Hank's, among others. The team proposed a two-year development plan. Plans include a concept based on some of the country's great public markets, like Seattle's Pike Place Market or Boston's Faneuil Hall.

We at PP could not be more excited. As supporters of local, sustainable products and producers, we love the idea that chefs, citizens and visitors alike could find what's fresh and unique at a truly local, truly Charleston market. Who knows, maybe one day you'll see Nico down there slinging fish fresh off the boat. (He likes that.)

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