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Saturday, November 10, 2007

What Our Hotel Won't Look Like

Not that there's anything wrong with doing it up BIG, and let's face it, that's how Trump rolls. Above is a photo of the soon-to-open Trump International Hotel & Tower here in Chicago, one of the many sights we took in as we hopped around the city yesterday.

Peeked in at the newly renovated Palmer House (in fact, renovations are ongoing), and well, wow. The Palmer House, part of the Hilton family, is a historic and architectural wonder in and of itself. Its "ongoing restoration" includes a refreshing of its Beaux Arts ceiling that was "meticulously restored by a Florentine artisan noted for his work on the Sistine Chapel." Oh. Is that all? Simply stunning.

Also stopped by The Intercontinental who just recently refurbished 790 guest rooms and suites. I am exhausted just typing that. The hotel is a masterpiece of 1920s architecture, and I felt that child-like wonder as my eyes moved from one breathtaking feature to another. To boot, the hotel boasts ENO. Chicago's Master Sommelier leads the charge at ENO where it's all about wine, cheese and chocolate from around the world. Pure, unadulterated decadence.

The final hotel of the day was the former House of Blues Hotel, The Hotel Sax. Holy hipster, Batman. This place is hot. From the "front desk" that was essentially a showcase of fine crystal to its Crimson Lounge which feels part old-world salon, part Opium den with a mix of textures, fabrics and art that envelop you in its vibe. (Notice friendly Chicago lady above enjoying herself.) The whole place felt like being transported. I am really not sure to where, but it's a trip worth taking.

And, one quick note. Thank you to Brad Wilson, CEO of The James who sent us a great comment on our post from the red vinyl chair here in our fantastic digs. We've loved our time here.

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Tim Tom said...

I recently took a tour of the Hotel Sax and I must agree "Holy hipster, Batman".