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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Post From The Red Vinyl Chair

I've been up since 4:00 am, so forgive this post if it's a bit wiggy. Oh, lovely Chicago. The architecture, the food, the people, the accent! So, my research and development has taken me to The James Hotel, a seriously cool and yet still inviting and warm place to crash. Apparently, I was lucky to get a room anywhere in the Windy City this weekend because there are about 400 conventions going on. Give or take.

What is interesting about The James (and there's a lot), is the mix of sleek, modern touches (which can feel cold and austere if not done right) with organic elements. The side table in my room is carved wood, full of interesting texture and inherent history. It sits right next to the SWEET red vinyl chair and matching footstool pictured above, which is not only sassy but very comfortable. In fact, I wrote this very post seated upon it. All of this research just gets me more excited about our upcoming hotel. I can't promise red vinyl chairs, but how about something Charleston has never seen?

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Brad said...

Patrick, we are so happy you enjoyed The James and caught the mix of nature and design. Good luck wiht your hotel! We are working on three more in New York, Miami Beach and Los Angeles so soon you will be able to post form The James where ever your travel takes you.

Brad Wilson
The James Hotel Group