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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sweet Caroline, Disco & The Holiday Inn

Is it me or is the teeniest bit weird that all of a sudden Neil Diamond is feeling compelled to tell the world who was the inspiration for his hit "Sweet Caroline?" It's Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. I'll give you a second to ponder that.

What's more mysterious is that Diamond says the inspiration for the song came after he saw a photograph of young Caroline decked out in her riding gear in a news magazine. Goosebumps?
Anyone? Think about the lyrics for a minute. As usual, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg handled what could potentially be a creepy moment with her usual style and grace. Diamond said when he shared the news, Caroline "seemed really, really happy." Mmm hmm.

Random thought: Best use of "Sweet Caroline" in a movie? Beautiful Girls, of course.

In other news, I spoke with Jenny Smith from The Post & Courier about an article she's putting together on unique weddings and receptions. Interestingly enough, I had a great story to share about a wedding that took place this weekend at The William Aiken House. What started out as an elegant and traditional Jewish wedding got a shot of funk as the hour got later. What unsuspecting guests didn't know was that the carriage house parking lot had been transformed into a disco! A red carpet and velvet ropes led guests into "Club Hahn" where they were greeted with a red-lit bar, white shag carpet, retro couches, fantastic music from The Maxx and some really fun food like fondue, cupcakes and donut holes. I only wish I had seen it firsthand.

And lastly in today's random ramble, while doing some hotel research, I came across this fantastic photograph of the old Holiday Inn signage (which is currently being revamped as they rebrand), and memories of my childhood came flooding back. Nearly every summer, my family made a trek to visit my Mom's family. One of our stops was Oil City, Pennsylvania. Some children go to Europe for the summer, some go to Venango County, PA.
We always stayed at the local Holiday Inn and may I just say that I LOVED IT. I loved the pool; I loved the restaurant downstairs; I loved the little soaps wrapped in paper and MAN, I loved the ice machine. All that good stuff just from seeing a photograph. Makes you think.

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