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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The 3 Most Pressing Things On My Mind Currently

Much to tell you. Where to start? Sometimes I do best with a list, so here goes...

1. We're super happy to announce the launch of the Lowndes Grove website. You'll see that it has a very handy calendar so you can know when "the peninsula's last great waterfront estate" is available for your fabulous party. You like that, don't cha? Sure, you do. You're a planner.

2. Um, the weather is truly chilly in Charleston today. My suggestion for the perfect little warm up? So glad you asked. Evan and Sean, our illustrious Fish bartenders, have come up with some very tasty beverages made with the season's freshest ingredients. If you dig on cosmos, I can totally recommend the fig-infused vodka. And my personal favorite: the pumpkin-infused bourbon. Over ice. Are you kidding me? It will warm the cockles of your heart. I promise I would not steer you wrong.

3. I'm going to Chicago tomorrow. Why, you ask? I would tell you, but that might spoil the surprise. Actually, I'm going to do some R&D (research and development) on boutique hotels. Yes. I'll be assessing the thread count of linens, stealing, I mean SAMPLING luxurious toiletries and deciding which bathroom lighting makes me look the most lovely. Now, I must away to pack my heaviest sweaters. It's 41 in Chicago currently, and my Charleston blood is thin. More tomorrow from the Windy City!

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