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Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Am My Own Wife

I know it sounds like one of my sassier headlines, but it's actually the title of the intriguing Charleston Stage production that opened last night at The American Theater. Actor Mark Chambers stars as Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, a transvestite struggling to survive amid the 20th century madness of Nazism and Communism. The internal and external conflict Charlotte endures confronts the dichotomies in both politics and gender identity. Yes, it's heavy. And riveting. And get tickets already.

November 2, 7 - 9, 15 - 16 at 8pm
November 1, 10 at 9pm
Tickets: $19.50 - $26.50, call 843.577.7183

So, to sum up: one actor, 35 characters, written by Doug Wright, a 2004 Tony Award winner for Best Play. Oh and I happen to know this great little restaurant right next door for a pre or post show dinner...

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