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Monday, November 12, 2007

Member of The Chicago Clean Plate Club

Got back from Chicago late last night and am still reveling in sweet memories of fine cuisine. Friends at Wagstaff gave me a phenomenal list of recommendations, and I did my best to hit most of them. Highlights include: A Mano's celery root salad, ahi tuna crudo with celery and lemon salsa, pizza with arugula, proscuitto and mozzarella and the robiola and ricotta cheesecake (see ravaged plate above). And, at Green Zebra, I dove headfirst into the Lacinato kale cannelloni and sweet potato tart with bourbon maple syrup, blue cheese and roasted shallot. Finally, let us not forget the apple crisp tart with caramel and white chocolate and lavender ice cream. All was just shut-your-mouth good. Thanks, Chicago. We look forward to returning the hospitality sometime soon.

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