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Monday, January 5, 2009

I started and ended with cocktails...hmmm.

Happy Monday and Happy 2009. Resolutions made? Any already broken? Don't worry, we don't judge. Our pals over at Food & Wine have the right idea: resolve to drink more cocktails. This write-up also includes, by the way, one of the best, simplest bar concepts and anti-advertising ideas EVER. Seriously, that's a little piece o' genius right there.

In other news, did I mention Lowndes Grove, all up in the pages of the new Elegant Bride? Big heaping thanks to Tara Guerard at Soiree for creating the most elegant, stylish settings. Simply wow. And, thanks to the talented and lovely Erin Swift from Elegant Bride...run, fast, pick up your copy now!

And finally, how cute is Fish's Thursday evening chanteuse Elise Testone and her sister Jenna who joined us for dinner over the holiday weekend? SO VERY. Should you be in the neighborhood, my man Jason is behind the bar and will gladly serve you half-priced bottles of wine and dollar dim sum.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jason rocks it behind the bar! Absolutely a must-visit! And those dim sum yummies, who's up for Happy Hour?!