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Monday, January 26, 2009

Hi, I'm Your New Website!

Hi, Internet. I'm so happy to be able to finally let you know in on what we've been up to the past couple of months. Today, we officially launched the new Patrick Properties website! Congratulations and thanks go to the creative and strategic minds at Blue Ion who never cease to amaze me. (sidenote: I've worked with them for years now.) Extra special thanks also go to photographer Brennan Wesley, whose shots are beautiful and spot-on and did I mention he's just fun to hang out with? I must also thank Tim Zielenbach, Tracy Turpen, Lynn Mitchell and David Edwards for their incredible photographic contributions.

The challenge this project posed was mighty. Bring four separate websites into one visually-stunning, emotionally-driven experience. Over the course of my tenure with PP, we've made a conscious effort to cross-market our family of properties. You may recall the new identity system we worked on with the super talented folks at Gil Shuler Graphic Design. The question is: how do you earnestly cross-market? How do you do it and not overwhelm people? The answer, we believe, is to remember that more than anything, people are looking for a warm and beautiful place in which to create great moments. We're fortunate enough to have a few of just those places and even more fortunate to host and play a part in some of life's best moments. Thanks again to everyone for their creativity, mad skills and hard work.


Anonymous said...

JB...thanks for providing generous servings of direction, inspiration and fun along the way. It's awesome to see it live. Best, RP

Anonymous said...

FYI -- the web site looks great, but it took me a while to find the navigation at the bottom. It says "Let's begin" so I tried to click there, didn't work, so then on the photos, didn't work -- it took me a while to find that the bar at the bottom isn't just a design element. You might want to add a little text there to help your visitors.

patrick properties said...

Thanks for the feedback. We did lengthen the amount of the time the bottom navigation bar appears when the site first loads, as there was some concern that folks might wonder as to how to proceed. Will definitely discuss and so appreciate the insight and the fact you visited the new site!