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Friday, January 30, 2009

Launch party with a side of butter

Thanks to everyone who came out to Fish last night to celebrate the launch of the new PP website. Pals from Blue Ion, photographer Brennan Wesley, neighbors from Lesesne, a large contingent from JMC Charleston, Andra Watkins from Positus, Deidre from Mary Norton and myriad friends and neighbors drank, nibbled dim sum and generally made merry. (Sidenote: my cold has kicked in for real today, and I sound a bit like Kathleen Turner after an extremely festive night.) Also, extra special thanks to Mike from Blue Ion and our own Elizabeth Kitchin who basically reconfigured our wireless router over the phone to help make this night possible! Great moment from last night: a Charleston Place staffer being introduced to William Aiken House/American Theater GM Kris Rowe, saying, "Oh, I recognize you from the website!" Nice!

And, had to share this tidbit from the Food & Wine blog (one of my personal faves). I don't know how to say this other than just coming out and saying it. Is it a sign of impending doom that the Sex Pistols are selling butter? Go forth and use this line: "It's not Great Britain; it's great butter." And....SCENE!

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