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Friday, January 9, 2009

Non-sequitor Friday

Photographer David Edwards shot some fantastic photographs of local chefs, growers and producers a while back for the Lowcountry Local First's Buy Local Bash at Lowndes Grove. See shot of PP Managing Partner Randall Goldman above. Folks here were so intrigued with them,we asked to purchase a couple of prints of some of Fish's purveyors, like Rita and Mark Marhefka. The photos will soon be part of a "wall of fame" at Fish. Look for David Thompson of Gibson Thompson Guess Architects, bottlecap artist Molly B. Right, Rita and Mark gracing our walls soon.

After another week of hearing about business closings and the flagging economy, it was good to read that the Spoleto Festival beat its first week sales from last year by a whopping 17%. We like Spoletians, yes we do.

Here's another random thought. After the holidays, there's the usual resolutions, promises to one's self and loved ones to living better, healthier, dropping extra weight. Do we imagine that what with unemployment rising and all that more people are throwing caution to the wind when it comes to post-holiday weight loss? As in: unemployed and happy to hunker down over a wheel of cheese? Thoughts?

Know what's been fun in PP headquarters lately? Fielding inquiry calls for wedings at The William Aiken House, Lowndes Grove or The American Theater from super exuberant newly betrothed ladies. I can honestly say one woman was so excited, her voice reached an octave un-hearable to the human ear. Only small dogs with sparkly collars strolling on King Street could understand.

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