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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


These first days back after a long holiday are rough, no? Whew!

First of all, thanks to the anonymous commenter who had raves for both Fish's Monday Happy Hour specials and Jason, one of many fine bartenders.

Secondly, I need a minute here to just tell you this. A dear friend of mine told me today that she and the rest of her colleagues will soon be losing their jobs. This is, yes, the result of our flagging economy (and also possibly the result of bad management but hey, just my opinion). And though this news didn't come to my friend as a huge shock, it's still devastating for all of the regular reasons: life without a regular paycheck, benefits, etc. and ohmyGOD, who is hiring in this economy. And yet, my friend in the midst of this rather life-changing event was full of energy, ideas and humor. And rather than sit there and bemoan and berate, we sat together in the early afternoon sunshine and spoke about options and ideas. A couple of times we laughed hard enough that I started to tear. What can I say about those minutes with my soon to be unemployed friend? That this is grace. And I am abundantly grateful for every minute with her.

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Anonymous said...

I am sending out huge KUDOS to the chef and staff at lunch at FISH. I have been there three times in the past few weeks and have always been pleased. The food is great and the price is extremely RIGHT. I will be coming again and bringing more friends. I know the economic times do not dictate pay raises, however whoever works in the kitchen needs a bonus of some kind. Job well done!