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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting stories, New York stories, Fish stories

Just another day here at Patrick Properties. That's Jerry and Ingram, hard at work painting on John Street. Or, they are working to become a haz mat team. It's a toss up in my mind.

So, here I am, back from points north. I have to say it was quite wonderful to unplug for a few days. I recommend it whenever you're able. I spent Halloween with my best friend, his wife and their 17-month old daughter (see bunny here.) We took the baby trick or treating, and it was just big fun. From surburbia, I moved to New York City to visit recently engaged friends who live in a Chelsea co-op with a fantastic view of the Empire State Building. When I arrived, my friend and I went up to the rooftop deck for sparkling red wine, bread, cheese and honey. We watched the sun set, ate, drank and just reveled in the goodness of the fall evening. Couldn't ask for more.

In other news, I voted (2 hours from start to finish), and I hope you have too or are on your way to polls.

Here's my sweet story from the poll line: standing in front of me was Alice Guess from Gibson Thompson Guess Architects and her daughter. In front of her was a couple she knew and their two young daughters (one 7, the other, 2). As we finally got into the school itself (line was wrapped halfway around it when we began), the 2 year old jumped up and down, and with great exuberance, shouted O-BA-MA! (She emphasized the BA, which made it that much cuter.) And to that I say, go girl.

Charleston Weddings and an array of local planners and floral purveyors spent today at The William Aiken House shooting gorgeous bridal bouquets and centerpieces for the Winter issue of the magazine. The few peeks I got this morning were just incredible. Thanks to Melissa Bigner and the whole crew for thinking of us for the shoot.

And finally, don't forget to join us at Fish when you exit the polls. We'll be sporting $5 politically-inspired cocktails, $6 - $8 small plates and two T.V.s for your viewing pleasure.

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