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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nothing says happy holidays like seafood on a treadmill

It's really your choice: crab on a treadmill or shrimp on a treadmill. No, it's not some new special Nico whipped up. It's the College of Charleston making headlines on the Today Show. And might I say? It's quite riveting.

Here at PP today, we're gathering for a Thanksgiving staff lunch. Potluck thankfulness if you will. I will try to snap a few pics to share.

In other pre-Turkey news, you're cordially invited to Fish tomorrow evening to prepare for the familial onslaught. We'll have $4 holiday-inspired cocktails and $6 to $8 small plates. And, we have very nice bartenders that can talk you down from most any family anxiety/stress you might have. They're good like that.

Oh and don't forget to put the Buy Local Week events on your calendar for next week. Seriously, do it now because you might forget after all the turkey and stuffing and then you'll start next week feeling behind and then you'll be all stressed and who needs it? (See what I did there? I nurtured.)

Ahem, to review:

Monday, 12/2: Give Local Holiday Bazaar, 3 to 8 pm, 10 Storehouse Row at the Navy Base

Tuesday, 12/3: Eat Local Night at select area restaurants

Thursday, 12/5: Watch Local: the documentary Independent America at The Terrace Theater at 7:30 pm. After Party at Zia Taqueria

Sunday, 12/7: Buy Local Bash at Lowndes Grove: 12 area restaurants, live music, local beer, wine and fantastic local food, 6 to 10 pm

For tickets and more information, simply go to www.lowcountrylocalfirst.org.

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