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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lowndes Grove: the Ralph Lauren Rugby shoot

So, on Sunday, Lowndes Grove began its temporary transformation to FASHION CENTRAL for the Ralph Lauren Rugby photo and film shoot. Yesterday, the day began early: 5:30 am for me (earlier for our illustrious sous chef and event folks). I was directing pre-dawn traffic with my flashlight, decked out in my warmest jacket and hat. "Drop off here (air traffic controller gesture). Park here." (air traffic controller gesture) Sidenote: if you haven't watched a Charleston sunrise lately, you should make a point to do it. 'Tis magical. Sidenote 2: I was truly impressed with all of the Wagener Terrace early risers. Tons of walkers and joggers.

The Rugby shoot was amazing, in large part to its ambitious schedule to shoot both photography and film under the same tight time constraints. A large, energetic team managed to pull it off and I'm proud to say the Lowndes Grove team came out in full force to help the hospitality side of the day run perfectly.

The bluestone terrace (currently tented) turned into wardrobe and styling where seamstresses, models, stylists, gobs of Rugby finery (hats, belts, ties, shoes, trousers, scarves, blouses galore). The River House served as home to breakfast, lunch and snacks (read: caffeine and can we have some more caffeine, please?).

The shoot made great use of the property, from a rugby scrum on the front lawn to a pillow fight in on the second floor to an action-packed pool party (yes, really). Check out a select few pics. As the shoot wrapped at 6 pm, cast and crew hustled to pack things up (planes to catch, etc.). But, most everyone stopped dead in their tracks, at least momentarily, to quietly witness one of the more stunning Charleston sunsets I have ever seen. The river was still; the light was pink, and it was so wonderfully peaceful. Quite an end to a very eventful day on the river.

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