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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

William Aiken House Holiday Ornaments: Just $19.95!

Here's a memory: it's about 1978, and I give my Mom a Christmas ornament that I made with my own wee hands. It's the top of a jelly jar, made into a picture frame. I glued holiday-themed fabric to the back and inside was my school picture. The whole sweet mess hung from some very festive red yarn. I am quite certain my Mom cried when I gave it to her. (Um, because she thought it was SWEET, thank you very much.) Might I add, my Mom still hangs that ornament from her tree every single year.

Anywho, I share that little moment as a preface to something a bit more...shall we say, professionally done?

To ring in the holidays, we are offering a limited supply of the fabulous ornament pictured above. Handcrafted by Charleston Gate Jewelry by third and fourth generation silversmiths, these heirloom sterling silver ornaments take their inspiration from historic Charleston gate designs, like say our very own William Aiken House gate. And yes, they are perfect stocking stuffers, hostess gifts or keepsakes for those Charleston history buffs. (Let me have my QVC moment, please.) Cost, you say? $19.95 + tax. No, I am not making this up. See, marketing is not always fun and games. But truly, they are really pretty and if you play your cards right, you just might be able to convince your Mom you made it. You could pass for a silversmith, couldn't you? Place your order by calling 843.853.1810.